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Young Working Adults (YWA) Fellowship is a place for all YWAs to find their sense belonging, purpose and passion in God.

Aim of YWA is to create a lifestyle where Christians can have fun, to achieve success in their career while pleasing God, to nurture an environment for single Christians to find soul mate, to provide a channel for passionate youth to venture into church ministry, and to become the herald of The great commission.


Here, YWAs can expect to experience a fun and supportive community, a chance to showcase their art and diverse talents, while being a part of a group that are determined to be successful in life for the glory of God.

join us at every Saturday 7:30pm at MPH2,gmsj (2nd floor).




We will keep your secrert

Anything just come and seek us!  Don't be shy.. hehe

Will Keep you in prayer!!

ywa prayer

YWA Story

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